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Awakened Woman


The definition of awakening can be many different things to many different people. For the benefit of this moment, and for this site in particular, I will describe what I feel awakening is and has become for me. My hope is that others can relate to it. To me, awakening is discovering the potential of our inner and outer awareness. Both our physical and mental eyes become opened outwardly and inwardly. Inwardly, awakening is our self becoming aware of the ways in which our mind and our ego contest for our attention to keep us identifying with them, not the sage(self) within us, and how they try to define who we are. It is also learning how to dissolve both the ego and mind to reach the sage within and be in true selfhood. Outwardly, awakening is becoming mindful of and caring for the “here and now” and the vibration that we share with everything in existence. It is awakening to our oneness with all, yet understanding what makes us each truly individual and unique from everyone else. Awakening is the discovery of our full compassion and acting with compassion. Awakening is forgiveness and forgiveness is remembering there is nothing to forgive.

Though there are different paths to coming awake and furthering awareness, the process and path of awakening is a wholly singular and personal journey that one must take alone. Only individually can we open our own darkened doorways to our self. Awakening means looking deep within and outside of our self to find who we truly are and what everything truly is. For this journey of awakening is not an outer one, it is an inner journey first, and later works its way outward. Even though it is a personal journey, you are not by yourself or without any help and guidance along the way. There are many awakening right now who are happy and eager to help. We can answer many questions that you might have to help guide you along your path. We also hope that you will offer your help to others as you grow in your own true self-awareness.

Parts of this journey may challenge us to observe our deepest fears, work through some repressed memories, peel away the layers of our protective, stubborn ego and mind, and tear down the shield around our heart; Yet it also requires us to be very gentle with our self along the way, to be deliberate in our actions, and sensitive to our feelings and senses. It could be scary at times. But it will be absolutely enlightening. This is what true enlightenment is; simply you in true selfhood. The most incredible thing about it all is that our enlightenment has always been within us just waiting for us to come home to it.

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