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“Staring into the Sun just before sunset, it is possible to differentiate the many beams of Light that pulsate so miraculously from this grand star as liquid-gold fractal transmissions; an endless code of Light intelligence.” -Juliet Carter

What Is Sungazing?

Sungazing is a meditative practice that involves staring directly at the Sun for short periods of time during sunrise or sunset. Some practitioners ascribe a range of health and spiritual benefits from the practice, though it is controversial. I personally practice sungazing for many reasons, all of which benefit me in a myriad of ways. I am healthier, more aware, more conscious, compassionate, patient, and am more at one with all because I sungaze. Through sungazing, I reconnect my disconnected bodily circuitry, revitalize my pineal-hypothalamus-pituitary complex, and return again to the benevolence of creation.

This page presents the methods and benefits of sungazing as practiced by Vinny Pinto. I find his methods to be very informative. Please read through this information carefully. If you decide to begin practicing, it is vital that you start slowly, always listen to your self, and be careful.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is for educational purposes only. I do not recommend this practice to anyone. If you are considering sungazing, please research this as much as possible before you begin.


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Sungazing Methods Most Commonly Used - by Vinny Pinto

My own experience with sungazing is that one should do it while standing (most preferable) or sitting with feet firmly on the ground, and first very briefly visualize (for only a few seconds) a tube running up and down the entire length of the spine, very clear and open (I believe this helps to open the 3 spinal energy channels [central channel, ida and pingala] to the energy flow.)

Alternatively, or additionally, one can also briefly focus on, and relax, the throat and jaw areas. This seems to help the energies flow and reduce untoward symptoms or after-effects. Most beginners seem to start slowly, perhaps looking only at the sun with eyes closed for a few weeks, and then progressing to looking at a spot near the sun with eyes open for a few weeks, and then progressing finally to direct sungazing for very short periods at first, at times just before sunset and just after sunrise. Some die-hard sungazers in temperate latitudes then seem to sometimes eventually progress to sungazing in midday even in summertime.

When I sungaze, I draw the energy first to the heart center and then to the solar plexus and navel centers, and then, on exhale, out to the rest of the body. We all seem to notice that we may have some loss of vision in the center of the visual field (I see blurred light image of the sun) for about 10 minutes following a session, and some folks report really nasty headaches and sinus pains which may last for days afterward, especially when first starting, and my opinion (and that of others as well) is that this is especially severe if there are lots of pre-existing toxins or damaged tissue in that area.

For those who have been practicing for some time and who are serious adherents, sungazing often may involve staring directly at the sun, often between 10 AM and 3 PM, when it is brightest (even in summer!), with eyes wide open, for many minutes at a time. Again, as noted  before, most practitioners feel that one must also consciously circulate the energy received by the eyes through certain energy centers of the body as well.

As noted earlier, I have sungazed occasionally for years. The practice can lead to very heavy cleansing symptoms in the beginning if one has lots of toxins on an energy level or the physical level. Again, please note that I am not advising this sungazing technique for anyone else.

Sungazing: to stare directly at the Sun, eyes open, usually while sitting with the feet on the ground, for anywhere from a minute to a half-hour, with appreciation and gratitude in the heart for all the Sun gives us. In the 15-plus years in which I have been practicing this, I, along with others who do it, find that while early morning works well, the best times, at least in cool temperate climates, seem to be between 10 AM and 3 PM, when the sun is at its highest position and "brightest".

A newcomer may get rather severe cleansing headaches at first (or is it major damage? who knows?). Please do not do this just on my word; please research it first!

For those of us who do sungaze: We usually sit, face the Sun, open our eyes, look at the Sun, and then allow the the Sun energy down to our heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and navel chakra, and then allow it to flow to the rest of the body!

If you are seriously contemplating sungazing, especially just outside the times after sunrise or just before sunset, then you are likely a bit crazy. If you are considering it, I would urge you to research the matter thoroughly and to consult deeply and sincerely with your intuition and heart intelligence before doing any sungazing, and do not push yourself if you do not feel ready! I do NOT recommend trying this!

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